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Mid Cotswold Tracks & Trails aims to improve and expand the tracks and trails network of Stroud, Cirencester and the surrounding areas. Our primary aim is to enable horses to be ridden off road in safety.


Ride Buddies

The following members are offering "guided rides" around their local area to MCTTG members.   Please note that these rides are not organised by MCTTG or ridden under our insurance. This is a page to meet other like-minded riders.

Liz and Leggs at Sandhurst have offered the following:
"If anyone wants a change of scene I can ride with them here - we do a 15 mile radius so a nice picnic or pub ride. Or if someone wants company near them we can hack over if they can put us up (or should that be put up with us???) Anyway, Leggs n I just love gettin out and about and can accommodate any horse rider speed so long as not flat out gallops as Leggs brakes can be a bit dodgy so I'd rather err on the side of caution. Well at least until we know other horse(s) and rider(s) better. Oh, and I'm not that keen on lots of jumping 'cos Leggs thinks she's an antelope and I hate jumping so small logs at sensible speeds only for us but we usually ride alongside while the mad people get on".
For more details email  liznleggs@googlemail.com

From Jane Moss:
"I can do any distance or area if parking is available. I can meet anyone near me at Hyde and go from here. Pub rides or picnic rides. If anyone fancies a couple of days way out of the area I’ll do an overnighter. Just don’t expect to go flat out! Weekends ok, weekdays need advance notice for time off work".   For more details email  janem@nmr.co.uk